Trisha focuses on experiential processes, in depth methods and group building for support and interconnection with the individual and with others in the group. She designs experiences so there is always safety and protection.  The participants are able to go deeply into their inner worlds because of this safety.  Trisha’s experience is vast, her knowledge prodigious and her spectrum limitless. 

Following are a few examples:


The past effects the present.  When we come from a dysfunctional family, as an adult, the result is often feelings of low self worth, loneliness, and feelings of powerlessness in our own reactive responses.  In personal and business situations that subconsciously trigger the family of origin, we can feel rage, sorrow, fear, helplessness and we do not understand why.


We naturally seek homeostasis, inner balance and harmony.  Dysfunctional families are unbalanced emotionally and psychologically.  When we are out of balance we naturally go to the opposite extreme to try and create harmony.  The result is polarized behavior.  This keeps us dissatisfied with our lives, our feelings and ourselves.  If we do not resolve these issues, we will recreate the model of our family of origin in our business and in our personal lives and in the way we relate to other people.


This workshop is process oriented.  You will be using methods designed to help you go inward and access the disharmonious parts of yourself and understand what happened that you had to create unbalance.  This course is not about blaming yourself or your parents.  It is about going inward to find and understand your true self.  It is about learning to make conscious choices instead of reacting to the dysfunctional family patterns.


Experiential Processes:

Guided imagery

Inner and outer dialogues

Group interactive Processes

Energetic harmonizing and balancing

Using muscle testing and energy work to understand and set positive




We now know that coping by denial, discounting or forgetting painful experiences does not resolve trauma or the resulting, reactive responses.  The mind has programmed the somatics, feelings, emotions and conclusions from these experiences.  The body is prepared to respond immediately and unconsciously to a stimulus that is similar to the trauma.  What starts as a sub conscious, survival program, too often results in illogical, immature or destructive behavior in adult life.  We loose conscious choice because we no longer know what we really feel or want.  Whole parts of who we are become locked into the trauma of the past.


The workshop is process oriented. The focus is on experiencing, releasing, recovering and healing your past.  Instead of reacting to counter-productive patterns, fears, control needs and coping behaviors learned in the past, you can now learn to accept and trust yourself, creating synthesis, harmony and wholeness within.  This makes it possible to deal confidently and comfortably with conflicts, authority figures and interactions with other people. Perhaps more important, healing the past expands your awareness of who you are and gives you freedom of choice so you can live dynamically in the present and consciously create the future you want.


You will explore how your own childhood role in the family affects your feelings and reactions now.  You will understand how the mental programming from the childhood controls your behavior as an adult.  You will learn how the ‘drama triangle’ pattern works, experience your position in the triangle and learn how to step out of this pattern of entrapment. Sometimes, the best of who we are is left behind in the past.  You will work with lost, repressed and denied parts of yourself, bringing them into consciousness balance and harmony.


Experiential Processes:

Inner Child work

Free association to access core material

Mind mapping

Inner and outer dialogues

Guided imagery

Group interactive processes

Energetic harmonizing and balancing

Non dominate hand work



We are not limited to one aspect of who we are.  We are comprised of many dimensions, feelings, emotions, attitudes, beliefs.  These emotions, viewpoints, beliefs can form semi-permanent, semi-autonomous regions of the personality capable of becoming different ‘personalities’ depending on the input from our environment.  For example, we may be compliant, and submissive with authority figures and authoritarian with our children.  Often we act out these ‘personalities’ without conscious awareness or conscious control.  We also polarize ourselves and move into internal conflict by repressing certain parts of ourselves and exaggerating other parts.  We eventually believe we are the ‘false self, we present to the world.  This internal alienation prevents us from becoming whole, being who we truly are born to be.


The first rule in any personal growth and healing is, “find out who you are”.  We will learn how to identifying the parts of us we accept and reject.  We will learn how to bring all the parts of who we are into harmony and wholeness. We will focus on the enlightened, transpersonal self, the core of the soul.


This paradigm includes:

Experiential group processes

Free association

Mind mapping

Internal and external voice dialogue

Role playing

Mandala non-dominate expression work




Every single part of who you are is basically positive.  With childhood introjections, trauma or abuse, these parts of ourselves are too often distorted, polarized into ‘good’ and ‘bad.  This causes internal polarizations or ‘splits’  within us.  The ‘acceptable’ parts are exaggerated becoming the ‘false self’.  Other parts are repressed and denied into the shadow self.  If these parts of ourselves are brought into balance and harmony you reconnect to the authentic Self. Find out who you are, learn how to accept all aspects of who you are.  This creates integration, inner harmony and the joy of living your life.  Many parts of who you are can be found and integrated, balanced and brought into internal harmony.


These are four of the most powerful parts of you that can be healed:


The Dominant Self – The Repressed Self: If one part of you controls most of of your actions, you are in an unbalanced, out-of-control position.  By definition, there must be an equally strong part of you that you keep repressed. Finding these two parts, negotiating time and creating compatibility is an imperative to personal freedom.

The Parts You Don’t Want To Know About: What do you feel you have to be ashamed of, fear, reject, hide, suppress?  Until you are able to understand and embrace all parts of yourself you remain trapped in your own control patterns, limits and blocks.

The Joyful, Pleasure Self – The Blocker:  At one time there had to be a joyful, sensual, fun-loving and feeling part to you.  Did you block it?  Are you really feeling joy and pleasure or have you provided substitute-blocks like over-eating or drugs, artificial stimulus like over-achieving or obsessions? Find the part of you that limits you and the part of you who freely expresses joy.

The Self You Think You Are – The True Self:  “There is nothing to seek and nothing to find.  You are already enlightened and all the words in the world will not give you what you already have.  The wise seeker, therefore, is concerned with one thing only: to become aware of what he already is, of the true self within.” Zen Quote





During this experiential weekend you will be able to understand and use the perfect  balance of “open power”.  You will explore how to use your power and at the same time be open to yourself and others.  This is a multi-dimensional workshop where you will experience “open power”  on levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual expression.


In this workshop we find our lies about power and transcend the limited viewpoints we may have on power.  We will explore the relationship of money and power, worth and worthlessness as core beliefs.


Experiential processes will be used to work with your body to find where  you have created energy ridges that limit and close your power source.


We will work with the parts of you that may be too afraid to use your power and the opposite parts inside you that may want to abuse your power.


You will explore the use of your own positive power in your past lives and bring that energy forward in time so you can use it in your present life.


Finding any imbalance inside yourself, we will then use methods to create the male/female balance of power, then experience how to use that balance in a positive way in your life.


You will experience how your present life, your relationships, profession, problems, feelings would be if you were able to apply  “open power” in your life.





Rituals are as old as recorded history.  Since the beginning of time people and cultures have used rituals to fill a need, act out a desire, celebrate an event or mark a change in life, for example, rituals around birth, marriage and death.


Each person has within themselves the ability to heal.  During the therapeutic process people often give metaphors that are clues to their own healing. How to hear the metaphors, examples of healing metaphors and the steps to create a ritual of emotional healing will be given.  You will be shown how to work with other students to put the healing metaphors into a ritual of action that the student can use to break through emotional and physical barriers and open the way to healing.  Individual and group rituals will be created.




Trisha pioneered many of the regression and Inner child methods being used today in this field.  She also teaches many diverse methods.


INTO THE DARKNESS: Exploring the ‘Shadow’

The parts of ourselves we disown are the parts that can hold our strongest limits and our greatest strengths.  All things in nature seek homeostasis or inner balance.  To deny the ‘Shadow’ is to deny ourselves.  Carl Jung said that until we do the ‘Shadow’ work, we are not finished with our inner process, we cannot be whole.  Therefore, to know the light, we must also know the dark and then seek the harmony in them both.  Experiential processes are designed to explore some of the darkest parts of your self under conditions of respect, safety and protection.


INTO THE LIGHT:  Exploring the core of the soul

“There is nothing to seek and nothing to find.  You are already enlightened and all the words in the world will not give you what you already have.  The wise seeker therefore, is concerned with one thing only: to become aware of what he already is, of the true self within.”  The ‘spiritual self’ is natural but too often unavailable.  Experiential processes are designed to help you know and be your ‘spiritual, transpersonal self.




Parents, peers and cultural tapes tell us how we “should” feel, think and act to be a “real” man or a “good” woman.  We assign contradictory feelings of power and powerlessness to each of these roles never being in harmony with one or the other.

In this experiential, in-depth workshop we will explore the truth of our own male and female energies, discovering when and how to use them.  We will balance to so we can make positive life experiences more possible.




Locked into the traumas from childhood, we continue to react to old, fearful programs that can make us feel helpless, worthless, blocked, “empty”,  powerless.  In this experiential and in-depth  workshop we will move safely into the past,  recovering, then healing with compassion and understanding the wounded child within.  This releases destructive patterns and allows blocked energy to flow.  We will then experience being in the present as the aware adult, able to feel self love and worth, with the ability to choose freely and live life to it’s fullest potential.



Do you know your TRUE life purpose?  Too often we think, hope, believe our purpose is a certain thing.  What we believe our purpose is and what it really is could be very different from what we imagine.  Once we move into the life force of our true purpose we have more energy, happiness and the ability to accomplish what we want in life.


  • Is there a purpose for being with the people you have in your life?  Is there another way to view your personal relationships?  We will explore why you have certain people in your life and what needs to happen with those relationships.


  • Is there a future relationship you are to create in your life?  If so, how to

you manifest that relationship?


  • We will regress into a past life that will help you understand your purpose in the  present lifetime.


  • We will use a specific method to move to the planning stage of the

present life to find the truth.


  • Fear, pain, trauma can make us forget who we really are, why we are here.  We will regress into the childhood of the present life and remove the blocks to accomplishing our true purpose.


  • We will do a present life progression to see how we can accomplish our life purpose.  We can see the effects on our lives and the lives of others when we stay true to our life purpose.


  • We will explore the spiritual realm to access the gift of your special talent to help you accomplish your life purpose.


This is an in depth, experiential workshop and is open to the public.  The purpose is to  become more aware of who you are, why you are here and how to manifest your true purpose for coming into this life.