Trisha’s background has enabled her to design unique approaches to reach the core of business issues and achieve fast, effective results. Her innovative methods are designed to accommodate the needs of individuals and groups.

In business we learn management skills but our inner mental, emotional and physical reactive responses influence management more than these learned skills.  The roles you played in your family, the patterns, behaviors and coping structures you learned, these are the things that actually influence the way you manage yourself and others around you as an adult.


A selection of solutions Trisha can offer you business:

  • Win-Win negotiation and conflict resolution. Positive communication skills and methods.
  • Boundaries versus structure or chaos. Structure is too often put in place to inhibit action, limit thinking and establish blame. Boundaries create self respect, self responsibility, self regulation.
  • Communication versus aggressive or compliant interactions.
  • Co and Counter dependent behaviors, how these patterns are caused, developed and acted out in public and private life. How to work with and communicate with co and counter dependent personalities in the work place.
  • Learned life patterns, how they interact in business and in life. Adult/parent/child patterns, communication styles and interactions. Hierarchical roles established in the family and repeated in the business environment.
  • Stress management, preventing burnout.



Create a positive ‘inner manager’ in order to positively manage your outer work and life. 

This workshop is process oriented. The focus is on experiencing, releasing, recovering and healing your past.  Instead of reacting to counter-productive patterns, fears, control needs and coping behaviors learned in the past, you can now learn to accept and trust yourself, creating synthesis, harmony and wholeness within you and around you.  This makes it possible to deal confidently and comfortably with conflicts, authority figures and interactions with other people such as hiring and firing or making presentations to groups.

More important, healing the past expands your awareness of who you are and gives you freedom of choice so you can live dynamically in the present and consciously create the future you want.

Conquer fear, anger, self sabotage, compulsions, procrastination, depression and powerlessness in the workplace.

  • Learn mind mapping to access different regions of your personality. Experience methods to incorporate all aspects of you, your talents and abilities in the workplace.
  • Explore how your own childhood role in your family affects your feelings and reactions to authority figures and coworkers today.
  • Understand how trauma affects the brain system and leads to survival based coping structures. As an adult, what seemed to work in the family of origin can be counterproductive, even destructive to you as as an adult.
  • Use ‘parent tapes’ to understand how the mental programming from the childhood controls your behavior as an adult and what to do to change it.
  • Learn how the ‘drama triangle’ pattern works. Experience your position in the triangle and learn how to step out of this pattern of entrapment.
  • Learn how to recognize the ‘drama triangle’ in the workplace and in company politics.
  • Sometimes, the best of who we are is left behind in the past. Methods will be used to access and work with lost, repressed and denied parts of you. This allows you to consciously become whole, bringing balance and harmony in your life and in your work.




Actualize the inner world to create what you want in the external world