Trisha focuses on experiential processes, in depth methods and group building for support and interconnection with the individual and with others in the group. She designs experiences so there is always safety and protection.  The participants are able to go deeply into their inner worlds because of this safety.  Trisha’s experience is vast, her knowledge prodigious and her spectrum limitless. 




Focus on an ability, talent, feeling, attitude you want in your present lifetime. Then  take this opportunity to return to another life when you had that same accomplishment. You will experience the lifetime, contain the ability, then bring the feelings, body sensations and awareness forward into your present lifetime.  You are the sum total of everything you have been or will be.  It is all available for you to tap and use in your present life.




You will be shown how to regress into one of your most important past-lives, moving through the experiences, feelings, purpose and effect of that time and space.  Coming forward in time, you will explore one of your future lifetimes, what you are like in the future, the people you know, planet conditions.  Both lives will then be coordinated with the present lifetime, focusing on what you learned in the past and future, how they effect the present and what you need to do now to create your own future.




Learn how to recognize your soulmate.  Understand the difference between twin souls, companion and karmic souls.  Experience the many times you have been together, the original meeting and the separations, the purpose for your journeys together and apart.  Move forward in time and know the feelings and meaning of being with your soulmate the next time you will meet – in this or a future lifetime.




You have a heart that has existed since the birth of time

You have a mind filled with the total meaning of life

You have a soul that holds the essence of God within

If you pull back the curtain, you will know who you are.


This weekend is about the exploration of the soul.   You will be shown how to regress into lifetimes when you consciously used your own spiritual awareness.  You will be shown the journey of the Gods and Goddesses, both the light and the dark.  You can move before time to the birth of your existence and then become ‘oneness’ with Source.  You can move forward in time to experience what you will know after your reincarnation cycle on this planet is completed, to explore the magnitude of who you truly are.





You can answer that question for yourself with this exciting opportunity to actually regress into your own past.  Easy to do  techniques will be used to explore an earlier lifetime, significant to your present life.  Deep hypnosis is not used.  The purpose of this exploration into the past is to release any negative experiences and energy, and gain understanding  of your present life situation.   Methods for healing, creating positive energy and expanded awareness will be experienced.



Discover the amazing odyssey of the soul as it moves in and out of physical existence.


In this two day workshop you will have opportunities to explore who you truly are, the magnitude of your soul.   It is an experiential weekend that is process oriented.  The processes are designed for you to experience many dimensions of yourself by experiencing your own past and future lives.  The methods are designed for experience and awareness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  During these processes you will have the opportunity to explore and heal your past lives and the past of the present life. Methods will be used to explore your own, hidden abilities and how to manifest those abilities in this lifetime


You will have the opportunity to understand a personal relationship in this life. You will do a special process to discover your Master Purpose for this lifetime and how to repair the problems in this lifetime.  This allows you to create the rest of your life now with conscious choice and helps you prepare for your next lifetime.  You will have the opportunity to take a look at the future of this life and the future of your next life.


  • A past life that is significant to the present life and will help you understand this lifetime
  • A lifetime when you have special abilities.  Then you can recover these abilities and bring them into this lifetime so you can have these abilities again.
  • Discovering your Master Purpose for this life
  • Moving to a dimension of spiritual awareness, repairing and healing your present lifetime so you can continue to live in a happy and positive way.
  • Understand a personal relationship in this lifetime
  • Seeing the future of this and creating your future lifetime.


You will be shown how to do your own, personal regression work within the context of a group setting.   Creative, safe and grounded methods will be used.   Protection and positive boundaries help participants experience their own past lives in a deep and profound way. Participants will interact with each other to create broader awareness and understanding.




Why do you have instant reactions to some people?  Why can’t you end certain relationships or have the people you want to have in your life?  What  prevents you from resolving problems with parents, children, friends or mates?  In this workshop you will re-experience the inter-lifetime connections and commitments with a person of your choice.  You can  release negative feelings from other lifetimes to resolve the present.  You can reaffirm positive connections to enhance the present relationship.




Conquer fear of death by knowing the truth of that experience.  Learn what happens after violent death, peaceful death and suicide.  In this workshop you will have the opportunity to regress into one of  your own past lives, explore between-life experiences and then come forward to before you were born in the present life.  Here you can discover your “Master Purpose”, the experiences designed for your present life, the choice of parents and  the people you came to meet again in this life time.




If an unresolved past-life memory is re stimulated in this lifetime, you can be reacting to negative programming without being aware you are doing so.  This can often result in illogical or unexplainable behavior, stress, emotional or mental blocks and even physical illness in your present life.  You will re-experience the particular lifetimes associated with your specific problem  You can then release negative energy patterns and viewpoints and this can transform the present.



We will use methods to uncover personal myths and illusions you may have about power and powerlessness, so you can remove blocks and heal the parts of you that may feel powerless.  This opens the door to your true power.  You can then go into a lifetime you have lived in the past or the future, when you know, understand and use your own personal, positive power.  The energy of your power will be anchored and brought back to be used as a positive force in your present lifetime.




In this experiential workshop you will use past or future lives to explore the vast spectrum of consciousness available to you.  So often we “sense” the magnitude of who we are but do not know how to access or use these vibrational energy fields.  You will experience your natural, expanded vibrational capacity in another life time, then experience expanding yourself now to accommodate your multi-dimensional awareness from other lifetimes.