We are multidimensional, conscious beings with many levels of awareness, ego states, patterns and life events active at any given moment in time. We also have an innate drive towards wholeness, integration and balance. When the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels are not in harmony states of imbalance and disease are created.

Integration work allows the therapist to position a client to explore deeper parts of the psyche. The process allows the client heal and release the emotional and attitudinal patterns that unconsciously influence their present physical, mental and emotional behavior in negative ways.


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When I first began my work many years ago I had a myriad of beliefs, viewpoints, attitudes.  As I continued my work with individuals and groups, I began to one by one let go of all these things.  Working with others, I was stripped to the bone and rebuilt my paradigms based on what I found to be true, not what I had been taught to believe.

Witnessing the pain, the courage, the honor of these amazing individuals who had the courage to walk in my door humbled me and opened my eyes.  I began to understand that I am not a therapist, a teacher or an instructor on how another person should live their lives.  I understood that I am simply a tool people can use to take themselves wherever they want to go.  It is their journey; they know what happened to them and ultimately what they need to do to heal themselves.


I have honed myself by doing my own inner work. 

I have added to my tools so I can have available whatever and individual needs in the exact moment of time that they need to use it. 

I have gone to the depths of my own pain and the heights of my own awareness so I can hold the space for each and every person to be what they need to be and do what they need to do. 

I know that with compassion, love, acceptance and inner wisdom the person who comes to me can and will heal themselves in their own time.

I have learned to trust absolutely and respect completely the process of each individual person.

I have witnessed the unfolding of the true self in others.

I have experienced individuals reaching enlightenment before me, mirroring my own enlightenment. 

I have touched the magnitude of the soul. 

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I know this to be true