We now know that denying, discounting, forgetting or coping with painful experiences do not resolve trauma or the resulting reactive responses. The mind has programmed the somatics, feelings, emotions and conclusions from these experiences. The body is prepared to respond immediately and unconsciously to stimulus that is similar to the trauma.

What starts as a subconscious survival program, too often results in illogical, immature or destructive behavior in adult life. We lose conscious choice because we no longer know what we really feel or want. Whole parts of who we are become locked into the trauma of the past.

Regressing to the traumatic experiences reactivates the repressed emotions and trapped energy frozen in the trauma. A skilled therapist must know how to locate the trauma and help release this energy from the body, express and heal the emotional response and reprogram the mental conclusions.

PURPOSE:  Work with the CAUSE of the present time reactive behaviors instead of the coping mechanisms, survival strategies and beliefs resulting from trauma.

ENERGY:  Therapy is about movement, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Therefore, we are constantly working with energy. When trauma occurs, energy becomes blocked, distorted, repressed or impacted, usually on all levels; physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually.   To release the impacted  energy we return to the cause.


  • Identifying the physical, mental and emotional responses to the trauma
  • Locating the specific incidents related to behaviors we now have as a result of trauma
  • Moving to the beginning of the incident, deepening the client and with boundaries and respect, moving the client through the incident. This breaks up the impacted energy of the past. Going through the incident allows energy to open and flow in the body and emotional systems.
  • Identifying the conclusions and beliefs we form as a result of the trauma. These conclusions lock the trauma in place and start the coping structures and survival strategies.
  • Decisions and beliefs are also locked energetically in the body and the emotions as well as in the mind. These too are energy and must be worked with on physical, mental and emotional levels
  • Using appropriate healing methods including energy work, overviews, cognitive restructuring, dialogues, reframing and breath and body work.
  • Closure including cognition, anchoring understanding and discussing how to implement new awareness and different behaviors in the present life.


Past Life Regression Therapy is on the leading edge of healing.  Whether or not past lives or reincarnation is an archetypical imprint, a form of psychodrama or a sub personality personification is not relevant to the therapeutic benefits.  What is important is that this method goes quickly and deeply into the subconscious, accessing core material.

It is not necessary to “believe” in past lives to benefit from the process.  Knowing how to safely position an individual to explore the unknown often opens up avenues of awareness and understanding not available to the conscious mind in the present life.

This is a deeply effective therapeutic paradigm.  It must be used only after through training.  Boundaries are one of the most significant parts of this method.  Non judgment is a requirement.